Why this knife, Simon?

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“Che la mia ferita sia mortale,” loosely translated means “May the wound I inflict be mortal.” The Vendetta Corsa is the personal weapon of a killer, one that in the hands of a skilled technician, is nothing less than an abrupt, albeit violent, death sentence. Simon Monk is such a man, one of the last few knife fighters left in the game –the blade a gift from the head of Egypt’s most powerful organized crime families. In The Last Enemy, Monk is forced to rely on every ounce of his knife fighting skills to survive the machinations of his most dangerous adversary yet.

Simon Monk: More Reacher than Bond…

7b926e02e99f5bb989f3b0c5ef27e84eI’m often asked if Simon Monk is an American James Bond. The simple answer: Hell no.  Fictional marvels like Auric Goldfinger don’t exist in a world like Monk’s. It’s a comparison of say, apples to fish, really. MI:6 employs agents, whereas American intelligence utilizes operators. that come from Delta Force and other special forces. They go in, take care of business and are out. Monk is retired Delta Force T1, decorated twice over for valor and recruited to Langley. He’s a practical guy with none of the swagger you’d find in a brit like Bond. A HK VP9 and Vendetta  Corsa knife are the tools he has to survive the world of radicalize jihadist, enemy states, and psychotic madmen  he operates in.

I love Bond. Simon Monk just isn’t him, but I think you’ll enjoy him still.

Happy New Year, Hiya & welcome…

Cheers , everyone, and welcome to my new blog. This is an exciting year for me publishing wise. My first novel, The Last Enemy,  will be out in July, published by DSPP. As we get a little closer to the summer, I’ll post covers and everything interesting related to the world of Simon Monk. I’ve also submitted a paranormal called, The Pale Witch, and am waiting to hear back. More to come on that soon…

Both books are worth all the sleep I’ve lost.

Glad to have you along for the ride.