It’s a new year…

Well, it’s officially 2017. Those of you still around have officially made it to the next round.

The end of 2016 was completely bonkers for me and unfortunately really interfered with my completion of the next Monk novel. I wanted to thank everyone for their support of The Last Enemy and to reassure all that Simon Monk will return in 2017.


Crystal’s Many Reviews read The Last Enemy…

The verdict? 4 stars! Check out the link below.

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The Last Enemy (Agents of Influence #1) by Christian Beck #mm #review @DSPPublications

Writing a killer…

The most challenging part about writing Simon Monk is Monk himself. The man is brutal, ruthless and deadly and he is the good guy. I didn’t pull any punches with him because Monk had to be harder and if necessary crueler than the enemy. Ten minutes on any international news channel tells you the state of the world. It’s never been more dangerous and that is where Simon Monk exists with the rest of us. So, there won’t be any hollowed out volcanoes housing madmen surrounded by buxom women threatening the world with nuclear annihilation. Not sorry about that omission. Also, of the challenges Monk faces, an internal struggle with who is his and what he does, isn’t among them. He doesn’t relish in it, but if Monk is sent to terminate an enemy operative, or threat to the Homeland or her citizens, he does it and quite dispassionately.

But a blunt instrument is quickly boring, which meant that Monk had to have equal counter balance to be interesting. Not an easy thing in a story where your hero is constantly surrounded by enemies—that’s a hell of a lot of killing on the page. So I introduced people from Monk’s past that he had helped. So, despite the constant bloodletting, his inherent goodness to those he cares about is always present. Monk has a code and you learn early on that he’s particularly sensitive to the victims of the world he operates in, even taking it upon himself to expand his orders. He is fiercely loyal to any who serve under him, the credo “leave no man behind” is his motto. Perhaps even more so, given his own abandonment by the Army, despite being an honored war hero who served with distinction. So, yes, the man’s a killer, but he’s one you can root for.

Release Day for The Last Enemy

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It’s release day and I couldn’t be more ecstatic for The Last Enemy to finally come out.  I’m very excited that the book is getting such wonderful reviews. Not one to stand still long, I am already about a dozen chapters into the next Monk adventure tentatively titled:  The Red Wall

To check those out any of those reviews click any of the links below.

– CB

A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: The Last Enemy (Agents of Influence Book 1) by Christian Beck

The Last Enemy (Agents of Influence #1)


Luck, fate or something else…

When you get published, one of the first questions I find I’m asked is how did you do it? I’m the last bloke for giving advice but I will offer at least this perspective:

I don’t know if I would say The Last Enemy has had a charmed life. Sure, it’s my first book, and it was grabbed up from my first submission to a publisher. And that sounds like a lucky break but it isn’t. Luck is finding twenty buck on the sidewalk. I don’t believe in hubris. I’ll admit freely to feeling the pang of insecurity until my book is done. What I am confident in is my ability to write and to weave a big sweeping story together. And while that doesn’t make it good, mind you, there are hard days writing a novel, so believing in your ability can get you through it. I found that’s the case in my particular instance. I took my time with the first Simon Monk novel. And it was actually my second novel. The first was a collaborative effort with another, very busy author that was taking a long time due to their publishing commitments (more about that second book later). When I barked about it, as I often did, her advice was simply ‘write another book’. So I did. And I wrote about something I love: Spies.

Look, I don’t know that my take on the contemporary thriller is trendy, or if the truth behind some of my plot is timely. I didn’t give a shit. I knew if I loved it, I would write it well because my internal barometer would settle for nothing less than doing it really well.

So back to that perspective I said I’d offer: write what you love and write it well. Sorry, it’s hardly original advice, I know. Is the Last Enemy a good book? I’m delighted my publisher thinks it has potential. For me, I’ll let the reader decide. I hope you pick it up.